Software Hub

Sesfont Technologies is setting up of a software development hub in South Africa and Zimbabwe

An Overview of our Hub

Sesfont technologies International are setting up a Software Development HUB in South Africa and Zimbabwe, so that we can create employment for the vast, unemployed, skilled and qualified youths, in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Africa at large. We want Zimbabweans to come back home and get employed whilst they are at home. As you all know Home is best. Currently we are discussing with various governments to ensure that we setup software development excellent centres in SADC. Africa is no longer the dark continent now it has the youngest population (millennials Generation Y born between 1982 and 2000) plus Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012) who have the energy and has the highest mobile cell phones and usage penetration rate. Almost everyone has 2 cell phones, one mbudzi (Zimbabwe), ndorondoro(South Africa) cell phone that is a feature phone and another smart phone. Hence we are harnessing that potential through providing an engine for software development platform(s) which builds Mobile first, Cloud First systems which are extremely responsive and can work across any device.

In every ghetto, townships, locations or high density suburbs, Sesfont's big dream is to setup a state of the art physical and virtual offices, which has servers as well as uncapped internet. Sesfont experienced developers shall be doing rounds, training the trainer of trainers junior developers to bring them on board to our software development frameworks and skills. Africa should develop software for the world by keeping the young and energetic youths very busy. Hence the young people will stay away from mischief and drugs. Young people want to experiment and explore new things all the time. Here is the opportunity to learn and impact the entire world. This program should change the perspective about Zimbabwe and build a positive business environment and manage to turn around the economy.

Hence Zimbabwe and South Africa shall become the software baskets of the world. With all your support let's make Zimbabwe great again, yes Let's make Zimbabwe Great again !! Everyone will be having a smart phone soon. Hence developing mobile applications is the only way to keep up with the tide and energy of our many young people in Africa. We the older people with the knowledge and exposure we should create the vehicles which keep our youths busy and away from all the bad things in the world. Any interested parties who want to be part of this huge tide in any way, kindly contact us on, we would like to hear from you and your input is never too small or too big, as we are sharping Zimbabwe to come back on track and regain its superior position economically. This time Zimbabwe will do it through technology, as we have the skilled people who are well educated, and are currently unemployed. Hence we would like to get software development projects, from all over the world and get them developed in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Then Zimbabwe and South Africa we will get the much needed foreign currency. If you have any software projects you want developed at reasonable costings, please bring them to Sesfont International, as we are using our vast pool of developers who are jobless in Zimbabwe. Thus we will beat any price on any project. Mobile First Cloud First, Fintech disruptions are real, powered by Sesfont Technologies International. Our main differentiator from all other software development companies is our Artificial Intelligent Robots (AI) which we use to develop new software systems at a ligthing speed pace. Our robots create the database and presentation layers automatically and they also perform back log management instantly in milli seconds. In one week we would have completed a new system ones the internal IT teams has done the normalisation process.

Internet of things (IoT) , global village, remote virtual offices, 24/7/365 offices available to take your request and start development of your solution right away. We would like to partner with any forward thinking companies who are looking for an innovation partner, so that we can develop their new cutting edge mobile based systems and also put them onto the Mobile First Cloud first technology. We are not limited to Mobile channels only. We also integrate to existing systems… give us a call and we will discuss our product offerings. Any other input which will grow this technological vision shall be greatly appreciated. We are already on the ground implementing this Vision. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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