Our Integrator Suite of products

Interface Integrator Integrated to FCUBS - Oracle Core banking System Flex via Weblogic web services

Integrator does Loan Originations, Payments to Accounts, RTGS and Cards Loans Servicing Module. It processes over 100 Million re-payments in 1 day via DEService - MultiNew. It is used for Agency banking, it Create Customers (CIF) CreateCustomer, Open Accounts - Disbursements and Settlement accounts AccService, Perform transfers - RTGS, To accounts, To Cards - FTService, Open Loans CLService, Produce statements and Balances OMNI channels Mobile Tablet Website. 3 Way Reconciliations for all loans It also has a Reporting Engine ( Interface - Reporter), SMS - pipeline notifications, reminders and collections, email and Data Mining Maker Checker Verifieyer Approver, Interface has a dynamic permissions roles and group module which enables custom permission modelling of current business approvals process to be created for security balance and checks. Audited to perfection to meet the internal audit standards to suit the best banking controls to ensure highest levels of security is maintained as per the prescribed business processes of any organisation.

High Level Summary

    01. Create Loan in Integrator

  • Branches across the country capture Loans Directly in Integrator through the WAN.
  • 02. Create Customer, Customer Account and Loan Account in FCUBS

  • Generate Customer record and allocate CIF.
  • Generate Customer record and allocate CIF.
  • Create Customer Account and give Customer account number
  • Loan account numbers are created in FCUBS from Integrator
  • 03. Process settlements in FCUBS from Integrator

  • FT - File Transfer (a. Bankers Check b. Internal transfer c. RTGS).
  • UP - Utility Payments
  • 04. Reports

  • Rules engine automated reports are distributed
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly reports are automatically distributed to configured recipients.
  • On demand reports are also available which are parameterised.
  • Access to all features is restricted by user Groups and permission or operations which a group can perform.

    05. SMS and emails

  • Rules engine automated SMS and emails to the respective group
  • Process based SMS and emails to the respective group
  • 06. Servicing Module for Re-Payments processing from records in CSV or any file format

  • Uploads and process the re-payment file from government or big institutions.
  • Sesfont developers comes on site to do the ehancements for uploading the re-payments file(s).
  • Automatic account verification on the fly and posts the invalid payments records to suspense account to make the batches always balance.
  • Automatic unlock batches.
  • Produces standard and customized re-payments dashboards and reports.

Integrator The most powerful Integration system ever on the market

Integrates to all core banking systems and improves the whole banking process flows.

Our Integrator Suite of Products

Integrator is a suite of commercial software products customised to suit your business requirements


For financial institutions ,integrates to any banking system to accumilate data to report to goAML (United Nations Anti Money Laundering)

  • Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR)
  • Cash Transaction Reports (CTR)
  • Cash Transaction Reports (CTR)
  • International Funds Transfer Reports (IFT)
  • List-based reports such as reports generated from lists of known terrorist identities.

Integrator Sales

Integrator Sales is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management platform that used for the pipeline management of sales.

  • Creates Accounts
  • Leads Tracking
  • Emails and Notifications
  • Dashboards and Analytics

Integrator Uploader

Servicing loans from treasury in an integrated, efficient and manageable environment

  • Process treasury file from central bank
  • Shows statistics of processed records
  • Graphical Dashboard
  • Fast and efficient
Integrator Operating Members

Deposit Protection Fund System

  • Deposit Protection System DPS
  • Register Members
  • Upload Returns Monthly
  • Create Premiums As Prescribed in The Act
  • Send Invoices
  • Penalties Issued
  • Receipt Payments
  • Generate Statements
  • Risk Assessment and Monitoring
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Analytics

Integrator Failed Members

Deposit Protection Corporation Software

  • Failure Simulation
  • Case Number
  • Deposit Register
  • Claims - Web Mobile Walk-in
  • Payment Schedule
  • Payouts By Appointed Agent
  • Assets Registeration
  • Liquidations
  • Subrogation
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Analytics

Deposit Corporation Act

Deposit Protection Act Passed In Parliament.

  • Deposit Protection Corporation Or Fund Setup
  • Target Fund - Premium Collections
  • All Deposit Taking members Should Comply
  • Insurance Cover For Covered Deposits
  • There Shall Be Exclusions
  • Insured Event Happens
  • Deposit Register Claims Payout
  • Assets Registration and Liquidations
  • There Shall Be Act Amendements
  • Deposit Protection Corporation System
  • Deposit Protection Software

Integrator Reporter

Integrator Reporter is a cloud-based Reporting Engine.

  • Data visualization,
  • Analytics (General, Statistical and Predictive)
  • Online analytical processing,
  • Data mining,