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Software Systems Development

We have a team of experienced versatile developers who have worked in the software development space for many years who understand what the customer wants and can deliver as per customer's requirements and specifications

  • Web Template(interface) Design
  • Static and Dynamic Website Design
  • Custom web design

Software Consulting

Our industry expertise provide some perspective on your problem, often from similar engagements with peer level client firms from the same industry


Cental Bank Systems

We create systems for Cental Banks. Deposit Protection Corporation Systems DPS - Deposit Protection Software

Integrator DPS
Operationg Members Module
  • Returns Uploads
  • Premium Calculation Process
  • Cover Level Calculation Process
  • Exposure Calculation Process
  • Deposit Register
  • Premiums Collection
  • Invoicing
  • Statements
Failed Members Module
  • Deposit Register
  • Claims
  • Payment Schedule
  • Payouts By Agent
  • Assets and Registration
  • Liquidation
  • Subrogation
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Analytics

Banking Systems

We can create systems for financial institutions. goAML, Debtors collection and call centre, Credit Scoring, Loan systems which conforms with IFRS9 and AUdit management system

  • goAML
  • Debtors collection
  • Credit scoring

Mobile Application Development

We would like to partner with foward thinking companies who are looking for an innovation partner so that we can develop new cutting-edge mobile based systems and also put them onto the Mobile First Cloud first technology

  • Advertising Research
  • Brand/Image Research
  • Business/Product Development

System Integration

Remove the barriers of silos in organisations through integration of various departmental systems.


Developer Training

The best way to master a subject is to be trained by experts. Hence the trainer will also improve themselves

  • Advertising Research
  • Brand/Image Research
  • Business/Product Development
Who we are and what we do

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We truly care about our users and our product. We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Our main differentiator from all other software development companies is our Artificial Intelligent Robots (AI) which we use to develop new software systems at a ligthing speed pace. Our robots create the database and presentation layers automatically and they also perform back log management instantly in milli seconds. In one week we would have completed a new system ones the internal IT teams has done the normalisation process.

  • Proffesional design
  • Super Fast Customer support
  • Custom Software
  • Powerful Performance
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IT Department Outsourcing as a Service.


Provide IT Services

Sesfont Technologies provides IT as a service onsite or offsite. This entails our skilled staf can be deployed onsite or work remotely to fix all related IT issues including 24/7/365 remote automatic monitoring of servers and systems. Your production environment availability is guaranteed because Sesfont will know any issues before they impact end users to a grinding halt

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Outsourced IT

Sesfont Outsourced IT Section provides 24/7/365 user friendly and reliable technical support and maintenance to all end users from the most junior staff to executives. This can be done remotely or onsite across any devices including but not limited to Desktop, Laptop, Servers, Tablets, Smartphones.

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Management IT support

Our mobile and readily available skilled Engineers wil gladly provide exceptional world class and proffesional technical services to senior management and executives

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Infrastructure support

1. Onsite and Offline Back ups

2. Cloud Backup Scalable

3. Servers and Helpdesk support

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Hardware/Software sales

We source hardware and software for our clients who are on Service Level Agreements

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Service Agreements

We sign up service level agreements with our clients to have win win contracts which provides a professional relationship between Sesfont and all our clients

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